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Information problems impede private contracting for the supply of many natural resource services. They are also likely to prevent the government identifying and achieving [...]
1987-04 | Journal Article |
This paper deals with the problem of determining the optimum combination of sheep and beef cattle on grazing properties. A major difficulty is that iso-cost functions (pr [...]
1973-04 | Journal Article |
With few exceptions, induced innovation theories give little consideration to the role of distortions or externalities as determinants of the commodity or factor biases o [...]
1996 | Working or Discussion Paper |
Tax provisions for land care are often justified as corrections for externalities. It is argued in this paper that land care provisions can be justified independently of [...]
1995-04 | Journal Article |
We evaluate the on-site land degradation effects of economic changes occurring both within agriculture and elsewhere in the Philippine economy, simulated with the APEX ap [...]
1995 | Working or Discussion Paper |
Agriculture has been at the center of conflicts over world trade from the beginning in 1986 of the eighth, Uruguay Round, of multilateral trade negotiations. Yet it is o [...]
1992 | Working or Discussion Paper |
In this paper, a dynamic economic model is used to analyze the conflicting impacts of crop increasing/land degrading inputs with those of soil conserving/crop reducing in [...]
1992-04 | Journal Article |
This paper reports the results of a survey of part-time farmers in two shires close to Melbourne in 1974-75. The farmers were a very diverse group in terms of off-farm em [...]
1978-12 | Journal Article |
In this paper, we argue that there exist no significant direct links between human populations and their environments and that the intervening processes create the contex [...]
1994 | Working or Discussion Paper |