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The use of complementary inputs is a key characteristic of the production process in many food related industries. In this article we explore how market power in a comple [...]
2014-07 | Working or Discussion Paper |
We explore how market power in a complementary input sector compares to that in a downstream sector for producer and consumer welfare. We develop a model of a homogeneous [...]
2015-05 | Journal Article |
This research re-examines both transportation allocation and infrastructure capacity problems associated with moving grain from the Western Canada to export position. The [...]
2015 | Journal Article |
The grain handling sector in Canada and the United States is vital to agriculture and trade. In a typical year on the Canadian prairies, about 140,000 producers deliver s [...]
27 May 2004 | Journal Article |
One of the last major undertakings of Justice Willard Z. Estey was a comprehensive review of the grain handling and transportation system in Western Canada, undertaken fo [...]
31 December 2012 | Journal Article |
This research evaluates the merits of road pricing scenarios affecting a single industry almost exclusively – grain movement on the rural road network in the west centr [...]
2007 | Journal Article |
Inefficiencies in freight transportation can seriously affect industry competitiveness in today's globalized marketplace. Trucking is the most important freight mode when [...]
2009-03 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
The Canadian grain handling and transportation system has undergone substantial change in recent years, particularly since the elimination of rail subsidies in 1995. Comp [...]
1999 | Working or Discussion Paper |
The United States and Canada have developed very different grain handling and transportation systems (GHTSs) over the last several decades to compete for global and domes [...]
2001 | Report |