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The increasingly widening income gap between urban and rural areas is affected by many factors. Using the stepwise regression analysis, we find that urbanization level, s [...]
2014-09 | Journal Article |
The incompatibility of China's economy and finance has to some extent inhibited the development of rural economy. Taking Hubei Province for example, we measure the alloca [...]
2014-08 | Journal Article |
To make clear the relation between urbanization and growth of rural resident consumption in western ethnic minority areas of China, this paper selected cross-sectional ar [...]
2015-10 | Journal Article |
Agriculture is the foundation of national economy, and the quality of rural financial ecological environment determines the level of rural economic development. At the sa [...]
2015-04 | Journal Article |
Urbanization is a powerful engine for the growth of rural residents' consumption in China. This paper selects the cross-sectional data concerning 31 provinces (municipali [...]
2015-03 | Journal Article |
Based on the Chinese provincial panel data during the period 2003-2010, we conduct empirical test on whether China's rapidly rising prices of agricultural products narrow [...]
2013-10 | Journal Article |
Along with the rapid economic growth since China undertook economic reform in 1978, the income gap among Chinese regions has widened. Using CERD , a computable general eq [...]
2003 | Journal Article |
This paper uses real option analysis to evaluate investment decisions in ethanol facilities. First, we consider the option to expand the scale of a conventional ethanol p [...]
2008-07 | Working or Discussion Paper |
Using repeated cross-sectional household survey data, this paper reveals that Uganda sustained the growth in improvements in average living standards during the last deca [...]
2014-06 | Report |