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This paper focuses on the third pillar of the Uruguay Round Agreement on Agriculture (URAA) of the World Trade Organization (WTO), the discipline of agricultural domestic [...]
2004 | Working or Discussion Paper |
Much confusion permeates discussions of the domestic support provisions of the WTO Agreement on Agriculture and in the ongoing Doha negotiations. The paper clarifies some [...]
2007 | Working or Discussion Paper |
In October 2005 the USA, EU, and G-20 submitted proposals on domestic support in the WTO agriculture negotiations. We consider the de minimis rules and allowances, projec [...]
2006 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
The framework allows comprehensive and consistent measurement and classification of U.S. domestic support to 2015 under different assumptions. Projections of future U.S. [...]
2006 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
The elements of a new agreement relating to domestic support for agriculture are set out in the WTO Framework document of July 2004. This introduces the concept of the Ov [...]
2005 | Working or Discussion Paper |
The United States, Canada and the Cairns Group proposed disciplines on distorting domestic support in agriculture at the WTO Committee on Agriculture in July and Septembe [...]
2004 | Working or Discussion Paper |
The USA, the EU and the G-20 submitted proposals on domestic support in the WTO agriculture negotiations in October 2005. This research projects future support, allowance [...]
2006 | Journal Article |
Critics of the U.S. proposal to the World Trade Organization (WTO) made in October 2005 are correct when they argue that adoption of the proposal would significantly redu [...]
2005 | Working or Discussion Paper |
The United States Congress is currently devising the next farm bill. One of the many factors influencing the debate is the effect of trade agreements into which the Unite [...]
2001 | Working or Discussion Paper |