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Debates over proposals to liberalise international trade are often heated and acrimonious. They are often argued, in part, on the basis of projections of market condition [...]
2003 | Journal Article |
This document is the technical annex to the full paper "The Prophecies of the Naysayers - Assessing the Vision of the Protectionists in the U.S.-Canada Debate on Agricult [...]
2002 | Journal Article |
Environmental tariffs appear to be a politically necessary part of the climate change policies that are emerging in many countries. The appeal of level playing field argu [...]
08 July 2010 | Journal Article |
Dumping is one of the most poorly understood and contentious issues in trade policy. The primary reason is that the agreed definitions of dumping are not based on a solid [...]
2001 | Journal Article |
Much has been made of "special and differential" treatment in the Doha Development Round of WTO negotiations. In particular, a conscious effort has been made to infer tha [...]
2005 | Journal Article |
In the economic model that underlies the WTO the only group that can be expected to ask for protection is producers in importing countries. The existing multilateral trad [...]
2004 | Journal Article |
The 1994 congressional elections brought expectations of policy reform that extended to agriculture. This paper examines the role of economic analysis and how policymaker [...]
2000-07 | Journal Article |
The world has observed an unprecedented rise in production, consumption and trade of fish during last three decades. Developing countries as a whole supply nearly 75% of [...]
11 August 2004 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |