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The advent of genetically altered seed has had a revolutionary effect on the cotton, soybean, and corn seed industries. The basic premise for the use of these seed are to [...]
2000 | Working or Discussion Paper |
The surface freight industry was deregulated in 1980. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the relationship between profitability and market power in the trucking [...]
2002 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
Release of a genetically modified (GM) crop variety would lower prices of competing pesticides used on conventional varieties. This causes an increase in surplus for thos [...]
2006-08 | Journal Article |
Valuing the Changes in Herbicide Risks Resulting from Adoption of Roundup Ready Soybeans by U.S. Farmers: A Revealed-Preference Approach
2008-12 | Journal Article |
We develop a new partial equilibrium, four-region world trade model for the soybean complex comprising soybeans, soybean oil, and soybean meal. In the model, some consume [...]
2002 | Working or Discussion Paper |
Genetically modified (GM) cotton varieties have changed many aspects of cotton production in the United States. The rapid adoption of GM cotton varieties in Mississippi [...]
2007 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
A revealed-preference approach is proposed for the evaluation of the impact of changed patterns of herbicide use on RR soybeans. The results indicate that farmers consid [...]
2008 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
This paper examines current marketing practices by Mississippi soybean producers as well as willingness to participate in a marketing cooperative and willingness to plant [...]
2000 | Working or Discussion Paper |
Soybean prices are determined by interaction between various factors. At an elevator, discount prices for unique characteristics can range from 0.02 cents per bushel to [...]
1999 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |