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Short for Xi’an-Xianyang New Development area, Xixian New Area is a modern garden city and the development urban agriculture is its key and bright point. With the aid o [...]
2013-08 | Journal Article |
SWOT analysis method is used to discuss the new-type industrialization in traditional agricultural areas. Among them, advantages of new-type industrialization in traditio [...]
20 October 2009 | Journal Article |
This paper expounds the necessity of China's rural modern industrial development, and points out that developing rural modern industry is the necessary choice of increasi [...]
2011-05 | Journal Article |
SWOT method is used to analyze strengths and weaknesses in internal environment and opportunities and threats in external environment of development of agricultural produ [...]
2011-12 | Journal Article |
Based on the introduction of the status of animal vaccine industry in China, the strength, weakness, opportunity and threat of animal vaccine industry is analyzed by SWOT [...]
2010-04 | Journal Article |
Based on the introduction of the general situation of the research area, the SWOT analysis is applied to study the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats of the i [...]
2010-04 | Journal Article |
On the strength of the status quo of Beijing rural infrastructure, I probe into the SWOT analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of rural infrast [...]
2010-07 | Journal Article |
This paper firstly reviewed development process of UPOV Conventions and briefly introduced current situation of protection of new tropical crop varieties in China. Using [...]
2015-08 | Journal Article |
According to the actual situation of sweet potato industry development in Ziyun County, we use SWOT analysis method to conduct strategic analysis on strengths and weaknes [...]
2013-05 | Journal Article |
The paper presents an analysis of the Fischler reform, while the new rural development policy for the seven year period 2007-2013 is still to be defined and other importa [...]
2005 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |