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After near eradication in the 20th century, piracy is again imposing significant costs on the conduct of international trade in the 21st century. In response, there has b [...]
20 March 2013 | Journal Article |
International trade law is very clear: national security concerns take precedent over any commitments in trade agreements. In response to the terrorist attacks in New Yor [...]
2004 | Journal Article |
Deteriorating food security status is primarily a local phenomenon resulting from failures in food systems and inadequate incomes. Technological advances in agriculture h [...]
01 August 2011 | Journal Article |
After holding a market share of over 50% for farmed salmon in USA, the market was closed for Norwegian salmon in 1991 when a countervailing duty was imposed. The objecti [...]
1999 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
Anti-dumping (AD) is a legal institution that allows an importing country to impose a reciprocal duty to neutralize the effect of unfair pricing by an exporting firm in a [...]
2016-12 | Journal Article |
The economies of developed countries have, since 2007, experienced the most significant and persistent period of economic malaise since the 1930s. Domestic economic polic [...]
31 January 2012 | Journal Article |
In the Western world the voices calling for a secular society have grown ever louder over the last three centuries. In addition to these normative advocates, various soc [...]
2003 | Working or Discussion Paper |
At the end of 2010 there are more than 100 new preferential trade agreements being contemplated. At the same time there are approximately 200 existing trade agreements wh [...]
18 January 2011 | Journal Article |
During the 1960s and 1970s most developing countries imposed anti-agricultural policies, while many high-income countries restricted agricultural imports and subsidized t [...]
2009-05 | Working or Discussion Paper |