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In terms of current life style, living and production conditions and hygienic and educational condition, we select 8 indices, such as annual net income of farmers per cap [...]
2011-06 | Journal Article |
Based on the brief description of the developmental status of social economy in Jiangsu Province, the index system including 16 indices contained in 5 subsystems is estab [...]
2011-03 | Journal Article |
This thesis gives overview of the connotation of rural spatial structure, indicating 4 kinds of elements, namely nodus, passage, region and flow. Their spatial arrangemen [...]
2010-05 | Journal Article |
From the perspective of the process of urbanization, this paper puts forward the corresponding public policy control by analyzing the characteristics of "hollowing" at di [...]
2016-03 | Journal Article |
Relying on the statistics, the property income status of Jiangsu Province is expounded,. In the first place, farmers’ property income takes a low proportion to the tota [...]
2012-02 | Journal Article |
Taking three counties in northern Jiangsu (Suining, Ganyu and Sihong) as the respondents, the economic principles of food safety issues of rural areas in northern Jiangsu [...]
2010-10 | Journal Article |
The development mode of mid-small cities in northern Jiangsu is analyzed on the Growth Pole theory. Depending on scales, endowment of resources, geographical positions, a [...]
2012-06 | Journal Article |
With the development of electronic commerce, there is a special phenomenon in rural areas of China that a lot of farmers in these areas depend on opening shops on Taobao [...]
2015-11 | Journal Article |
According to the 2000-2010 Jiangsu Statistical Yearbook, per capita ecological footprint and per capita ecological carrying capacity in Jiangsu Province in the years 2001 [...]
2011-04 | Journal Article |
The fundamental task of well-facilitated farmland construction is to continuously lift the integrated production capacity. External project construction for well-facilita [...]
2016-12 | Journal Article |