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German food retailing is characterized by fierce competition among retail chains for consumer shopping. This paper considers the switching behaviour using data of white d [...]
2011 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
In this paper customer loyalty will be examined with the help of budget ratios (budget shares). We address the question whether sociodemographic groups differ in their sh [...]
2009 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
The present article discusses several pricing patterns and promotion activities in the German grocery retail industry. Special sales offers on the one hand and continuous [...]
2001 | Journal Article |
According to Ando and Modigliani (1957), consumers pass different stages of a lifecycle with different impact on demand. The criticism that the life-cycle theory neglects [...]
2010 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
Sonderangebote stellen eines der zentralen Marketinginstrumente im deutschen Lebensmitteleinzelhandel dar. Sie dienen u. a. der Kundengewinnung und Kundenbindung. Es wird [...]
2013-08 | Journal Article |
Analyses of price rigidity mainly neglected food retailing industry. There are only few studies explicitly concerning this part of the food process chain. In Blinder’s [...]
22 September 2009 | Thesis/ Dissertation |
Der deutsche Lebensmitteleinzelhandel ist durch einen starken Preiswettbewerb gekennzeichnet. Hinweise für funktionierenden Wettbewerb sind einheitliche Preise und gleic [...]
2010-12 | Journal Article |
Recently, the stakeholders in the financial industry picked up the idea used in the food sector to label products with traffic-lights. Traffic-lights are not undisputable [...]
2012 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
Over the last decades and across countries, eating patterns have changed in favour of increasing consumption of food away from home. According to Ando and Modigliani (195 [...]
2013-02 | Journal Article |