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We examine the suggestion that if consumers in sufficient numbers are willing to pay the premium to have power generated using low-emission technologies, tax or permit po [...]
2001 | Working or Discussion Paper |
We review economic models of environmental protection and regulatory enforcement to highlight several attributes that are particularly likely to benefit from new enforcem [...]
1998 | Working or Discussion Paper |
This paper revisits the issue of the regulatory choice between a mandatory label and a minimum-quality standard. When the cost of regulation is relatively low, we show th [...]
2005 | Working or Discussion Paper |
Jurisdictions have overlapping authority regarding electricity restructuring when a national authority and subnational regional governments-for example, states-both have [...]
2003 | Working or Discussion Paper |
"Vertical market power" is a contradiction in terms because "market power" is essentially horizontal-that is, it depends on relationships of firms within markets. FERC in [...]
2001 | Working or Discussion Paper |
Preference-directed regulation (PDR) can supplement traditional environmental policies through frequent regulatory revision (Livermore, 2007). Stakeholders can use PDR to [...]
2011-11 | Working or Discussion Paper |
The paper evaluates the desirability of compensation for regulatory takings. To do so, we describe a public choice model in which regulators' decisions are influenced by [...]
1996 | Working or Discussion Paper |
Economists evaluating policies frequently split the measurement of effects into two elements: efficiency, and the distribution of income. Traditional economic theory ha [...]
1986 | Thesis/ Dissertation |
Should developing countries eschew conventional command and control regulatory instruments that are increasingly seen as inefficient and rely instead on 'alternative' ins [...]
1998 | Working or Discussion Paper |
In this paper, we conduct two “"counterfactual" simulations for the 30-year period 1970-2000-the first holding 1970 crop genetic improvements (CGI) constant and the seco [...]
2006 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |