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Increasing competitive pressures as well as growing requirements with regard to quality and safety pose a continuous challenge for farmers in European agrifood netchains. [...]
2010-10 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
Against the background of increasing competitive pressures and growing requirements with regard to food quality and safety, the significance of network-wide collaboration [...]
2011-09 | Journal Article |
In recent decades the northwestern part of Germany (Weser-Ems region) has come to focus on intensive pork production. This has led to public outrage about the disposal of [...]
2011-12 | Journal Article |
It is often hypothesized that geographical proximity in clusters (or industry districts) has positive effects on access to information and knowledge and on firm competiti [...]
2009 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
Organizations no longer compete as independent entities, but as chains (Christopher 1998; Cox 1999; Lambert and Cooper 2000), and these organizations more and more realiz [...]
2010-10 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
In an increasingly globalising market, innovation is an important strategic tool for micro, small, and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to achieve competitive advantage (A [...]
2008-10 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
The premise of this paper is investigation into retailer-driven agri-food supply channels. Food sector dominant UK multiple retailers have in recent years invested in clo [...]
2008-10 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
The idea of sustainable management has recently gained growing attention in the agribusiness sector. This is mainly due to a widespread discontent with the industrializat [...]
2012-12 | Journal Article |
The ongoing internationalization of markets has become a major issue also for companies of the agribusiness. Nevertheless, neither the degree of internationalization of a [...]
2011-09 | Journal Article |
result, enterprises in the agribusiness sector are increasingly exposed to the public eye (Jansen/ Vellema: 2004). The perception of consumers and other stakeholders - wh [...]
2008-10 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |