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In this article we study the long-run average rate of forest conversion in Brazil. Deforestation results from the following trade-off: on the one hand, the uncertain valu [...]
07 September 2016 | Working or Discussion Paper |
In this paper stochastic dynamic programming is used to investigate land conversion decisions taken by a multitude of landholders under uncertainty about the value of env [...]
2011-11 | Working or Discussion Paper |
In this paper we present a model of the optimal crushing season length for sugar cane. The approach taken is to view the optimal season length problem as an optimal stopp [...]
1999-01 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
Business-owners often postpone disinvestment decisions even when future profits are not expected to compensate for current losses. We use an experiment to study one possi [...]
2012-09 | Working or Discussion Paper |

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