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Agri-environmental policy is at a crossroads. Over the past 20 years, a wide range of policies addressing the environmental implications of agricultural production have b [...]
2001 | Report |
Atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases can be reduced by withdrawing carbon from the atmosphere and sequestering it in soils and biomass. This report analyzes the [...]
2004 | Report |
In many OECD countries, including the U.S., interest in developing agri-environmental payment programs is currently strong. In the future, the inclusion of an agri-enviro [...]
2003 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
Expanded ethanol production could increase U.S. farm income by as much as $1 billion (1.4 percent) by 2000. Because corn is the primary feedstock for ethanol, growers in [...]
English | 1993 | Report |
Nutrients from livestock and poultry manure are key sources of water pollution. Ever-growing numbers of animals per farm and per acre have increased the risk of water pol [...]
2003 | Report |
The role of agri-environmental programs has taken on increased importance in the current Farm Bill debate with an eighty percent increase in Title II funding. However, l [...]
2002 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
Nutrients from municipal and agricultural sources are probable causes of a zone of hypoxic waters in the Gulf of Mexico. Costs of control between the two sources vary wi [...]
1998 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |

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