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This paper summarizes and synthesizes across the results of a set of country studies on the effects of prime-age adult mortality on rural households in Kenya, Malawi, Moz [...]
2004 | Report |
The new variant famine (NVF) hypothesis postulates that HIV/AIDS is eroding agrarian livelihoods and making rural communities more sensitive and less resilient to drought [...]
2009 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
This paper traces the trajectories of successful commercial smallholders operating under differing sets of market institutions. Analysis focuses on maize, cotton, and hor [...]
2012-06 | Working or Discussion Paper |
The world food and financial crises threaten to undermine the real incomes of urban consumers in eastern and southern Africa. This study investigates patterns in staple f [...]
2009 | Working or Discussion Paper |
The economic reforms in maize marketing and trade policies implemented during the 1990s have been highly controversial, and there remains a lack of solid empirical invest [...]
2008 | Report |
The successive maize bumper harvests experienced by Zambia in recent years mean that the country has to find long lasting and sustainable ways to deal with persistent mai [...]
2015-03 | Working or Discussion Paper |
Campaigns to prevent the spread of HIV require accurate knowledge of the characteristics of those most likely to contract the disease. Studies conducted in Sub-Saharan Af [...]
2009-09 | Report |
Studies conducted in Sub-Saharan Africa during the 1980s generally found a positive correlation between socioeconomic characteristics such as education, income, and weal [...]
2005 | Report |

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