The general objective of this work was to analyze the state of technology, inocuity and commercialization of cantaloupe melon of private farmers in Mapimí, Dgo. County, Mexico, to identify opportunities and constraints to export melon of Mapimí to the United States market. To gather information on technology, safety and marketing, was designed and implemented a survey of major producers in the Mapimí County, which by their production volumes have greater export potential. In general it was found that private farmers of Mapimí have a good technological level emphasizing the use of hybrid seeds, plastic mulch, drip tape and pollinating bees. In the case of inocuity producers have an idea of the subject of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), but they need more training. In the commercialization it is perceived a need of meetings with potential buyers of the United States to see possible contracts of sale.


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