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The learning and technological change needs of the companies have been modified as well as their relations of entailment with the Institutions of Higher Education with the evolution of the world-wide economy. Another reality have been formed, under the premises of the preparation to harness the factors of regional natural resources and of the environment, as well as the capacity and creativity of the producer like main factors of development. The objective of this research was to analyze the process used for the learning and use of the technological innovation in the enterprises and their position, respect to the entailment for the formation of innovating human resource, looking for the approach between the human resource training institutions and the enterprise activity in the region of the Evora. With the approach of these objectives, we could know the form in which the companies carry out their process of learning on the technological innovation and how technology is changing. This was done mainly through interviews with employers in the North Central Zone of the State of Sinaloa, investigating the learning processes of innovation and technological change in companies, as well as their considerations with regard to the process of joint formation between company and school, of human resources with emphasis in the innovation. A new proposal of work for the formation of human resources that combines the interests of companies and schools must begin to existing reality to manage to overcome the present condition. Finally any action to prosper in an approach of the learning oriented technological innovation requires an attitude ready by the main actors in the learning process, mainly employers and those responsible of Institutions of Higher Education in their role as managers of he conditions and means to the learning.


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