On the basis of expounding connotation of "auspicious four seasons", the paper introduces related situations of spring peach blossom village, summer pomegranate blossom village, autumn osmanthus blossom village and winter plum blossom village, as well as major project and profit of "auspicious four seasons" new village tourism in Wuhan city. Development situations of "auspicious four seasons" new village tourism in Wuhan city are analyzed by using SWOT analysis. Among them, the strengths are analyzed from four aspects of geographical strengths, transportation superiority, rich natural resources and attached great importance by government, the weaknessses are illustrated from the five aspects of backward infrastructure construction, unsound governmental functions, needing improvement of service consciousness and service quality of villagers, shortage of publicity, insufficient input competence of tourism, the opportunities are analyzed from the two aspects of policy guarantee and tourism demand, the threats are analyzed from the two aspects of serious homogenization of tourism products and increasingly improved expected value of tourism products. Based on the analysis above, tourism marketing strategies of the new village—"auspicious four seasons" in Wuhan are put forward: First, strengthening publicity, it includes using network marketing strategies, enhancing traditional marketing publicity, strengthening festival tourism publicity and intensifying celebrity charm; Second, launching various new village tourism projects, it includes vigorously extending picking and exhibition tourism of fruits and vegetables, launching rural education tourism, launching flowers and plants cultural tourism and wedding celebration tourism, launching leisure tourism for old people and building learning base of new village construction; Third, exerting resource superiority of Han River water area, developing aquatic tourism projects, it mainly includes developing pleasure-boat of different types and grades, strengthening construction of waterfront accessible space and enhancing connection and cooperation with travel agencies.


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