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Labor conflicts constitute an area of relevant theoretical and practical study in order to understand organizational behavior. There exist situations and labor conflicts that influence the agricultural company and to know them is part of an appropriate management. In this sense, the aim is to approach and transform them into growth opportunities and productivity increases. The present work identifies causes of conflicts within a group of blueberry reapers through information generated from the application of a field survey. The information was analyzed through the application of multivariate methods, specifically factorial analysis of principal components in order to determine factors that represent causes of conflict. In this study, the factors named "labor causes" and “interpersonal causes" were obtained with 55,64% and 57,89% of the explained variance, respectively. Finally, by means of an analysis of hierarchical conglomerates, three segments or groups of workers in relation to the causes of identified conflicts were determined. They were, "Concerned over labor situation" equivalent to 24% of the sample, "Concerned over labor climate and discrimination" corresponding to 54% of the sample, and "Concerned over interpersonal relations" equivalent to the remaining 22%.


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