The high competitiveness in agricultural markets has generated saturation; this situation implies a constant search of innovations to achieve a better commercial performance of agricultural companies. In this sense, to improve the competitiveness of agricultural products, it is basic to know the final demand of them, wich in this case are focused in fresh apricots. Considering this, the main objective of this research is to contribute to fresh apricot industry improvement in the national and international market, through a better knowledge in customer behaviour that could be attractive and promissory for this industry both in Chile and Italy. To achieve this aim, a survey has been applied to a non probabilistic sample of Chilean and Italian consumers, and later the information has been analyzed by multivariant methods, specifically, factorial analysis, cluster and joint. In this sense, this study centres on the scientific analysis of fresh apricots consumers, in the Chilean and Italian market. In this study, the variables related to descriptive aspects of consumption, demographics characteristics, attitudes and preferences in general to the Chilean apricots were analyzed. In relation to the principal results of this study, a preference to the Chilean apricots was observed, specifically in cultivar “Robada” compared to “Castle Brite”, both in national and international market.


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