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The paper has studied the impact of improved technology (developed under AICRP on PHT) for extraction of apricot kernel oil from apricot stone. Economic surplus model has been applied in a closed economic framework with the assumption of no spillover effects. The economic efficiency indicators such as NPV (486), IRR (44%) and BCR (21.83) have been found quite attractive. The technology (mechanical decorticator, kernel separator, oil extraction and filtration) has been found superior to conventional practices (traditional kolhu) on account of higher recovery of 11 per cent and cost reduction by 22.41 per cent. Overall, net profit per unit in the case of improved technology has been estimated to be Rs 1.34 lakh, which leads to a saving of Rs 55446 over the conventional practices. The mechanical decortications and separation could not only save time and money but also reduced women drudgery (due to manual breaking of stones to separate kernel). The technology has been found suitable for promotion of entrepreneurship on the processing of apricot oil from apricot kernel in the production catchment, which otherwise is not properly utilized.


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