Table of Table of Contents: (1) Baboola, Ashfaqul, Michael Reed, Sayed Saghaian, and Vijay Subramaniam: "Food Safety Standards and Export Competitiveness in the Processed Food Industries of Asia-pacific Countries, pp. 1-10; (2) Nalley, Lawton Lanier, Andrew P. Barkley, John M. Crespi, and Ken D. Sayre: "The Global Impact of the CIMMYT Wheat Breeding Program," pp. 11-30; (3) Kim, Hanho, Munisamy Gopinath, and Jae-Kyung Kim: "Competition Between China and the United States in the Korean Food Market," pp. 31-50; (4) Rahman, Sanzidur: "The Economic Determinants of Crop Diversity on Farms in Rural Bangladesh," pp. 51-70; (5) Muhammad, Andrew, and Ardian Harri: "Pricing-to-Market and Exchange Rate Pass-Through in European Import Markets: The Case of Fish from Lake Victoria," pp. 71-86; (6) Cardwell, Ryan: "Food Aid, Surplus Disposal and Multilateral Trade Agreements: What is the Historical Justification for New WTO Rules?" pp. 87-106; (7) Pishbahar, Esmaeil, and Marilyne Huchet-Bourdon: "European Union's Preferential Trade Agreements in Agricultural Sector: A Gravity Approach," pp. 107-128; (8) Pede, Valerien O., and Andrew M. Mckenzie: "Integration in Benin Maize market: An Application of Threshold Cointegration Analysis," pp. 129-146; (9) Telleria, Roberto, Carlos Ludena, Bhavani Shankar, and Richard Bennett: "Would a Free Trade Agreement Between Bolivia and the United States Prove Beneficial to Bolivian Households?" pp. 147-170.


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