This paper aimed to analyse the BM&F cattle future market as a tool for price risk management for traders that deal cattle in the Rondônia State. In order to reach this goal it was analysed if there is a long-term relationship between the cattle prices in Rondônia and the Esalq/BM&F Cattle Index. Besides that, it was done an examination of the optimal hedge Rio Branco – Acre, 20 a 23 de julho de 2008 Sociedade Brasileira de Economia, Administração e Sociologia Rural ratio and its effectiveness to the year of 2007. The results indicated that the cattle price in Rondônia and the Esalq/BM&F Cattle Index has a long-term relationship, which means the traders can use the BM&F as tool to hedge the cattle price in such state. However, through the optimal hedge ratio and the effectiveness analyses were possible to note that between august and november the BM&F utilization did not contribute significantly to manage the cattle price risk.


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