Taking Daxing District, Beijing, China as a example, benefit evaluation index system of small-town land comprehensive consolidation is established from four aspects of resource benefit, economic benefit, social benefit and ecological benefit. Weight of evaluation index is determined by analytic hierarchy process. After the standardized treatment on the original value index, comprehensive index method is adopted to evaluate the land comprehensive consolidation benefits in 14 towns of Daxing District in the year 2005, combining with the index weight determined by analytic hierarchy process. Evaluation result shows that areas having significant effects are Yizhuang Town, Xihongmen Town, Yinghai Town, and Jiugong Town, which are concentrated in rural-urban continuum with significant location advantages and good economic and infrastructure status. Areas having good effects are Changziying Town, Huangcun Town, Panggezhuang Town, Beizangcun Town, and Yufa Town, which are located along Yongding River, with abundant farmland resources and good ecological environment. Areas having general effects are Weishan Town, Qingyundian Town, and Anding Town, with insignificant location advantages. Areas with no significant effects are Lixian Town and Caiyu Town, with relatively poor location, resource, and economic development status.


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