The paper introduces the lemon effect of green agricultural products, analyzes the formation reasons of the lemon effect of green agricultural products and summarizes problems brought by the effect, such as malicious deception and high priced. The paper proposes countermeasures to avoid the lemon effect of green agricultural products from a perspective of marketing. The first is to strengthen the quality supervision of green agricultural products, upgrade the quality of products, and build up branded products. The government should foster the main body of the products and guide the main body to realize the importance of brand construction and management. The second is to construct a sales channel system of green agricultural products, making use of the trading center of modern green agricultural products to sell products, developing a long term partnership with processing industries, big supermarket and restaurants, making use of internet and selling products online and offline. The third is to propagate the products. Make a good use of advertisement, personal sales, propagation and public relations to accelerate the healthy development of green agricultural market.


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