This Research Report responds to the challenge for marine capture fisheries of how and when to adapt to climate change. The report presents: (1) a set of fisheries climate change policy options (2) a risk and vulnerability assessment tool and management decision-making framework; and (3) ex ante and ex post climate adaptation possibilities in the marine environment. The report also includes: (1) a discussion of how management objectives and instruments influence resilience and adaptation; (2) a decision-making process to assess vulnerabilities to climate change and to manage adaptation responses; (3) an inter-temporal framework to help decision-makers know when to adapt; (4) a risk and simulation approach to confront the uncertainties of the possible losses due to climate change and the net benefits of adaptation; (5) an explanation of how adaptive co-management can promote flexible adaptation responses and also strengthen adaptation capacity; and (6) a selection of possible ‘win-win’ management actions.


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