This article discusses the potential transformation of a traditional producer of alfalfa in a Local Production Arrangement. It starts with the presentation and discussion of the concept of local productive arrangement, which emerges in contemporary society. This concept has been discussed as part of efforts to understand the place of cooperation in social and organizational dynamics. Discusses alternatives then to add value to the productive chain of alfalfa and mapping of the conditions of production in the context of the county of Herval d'Oeste - SC. Finally we analyze the possibilities for consolidation of an LPA as a means of adding value to the product, improving the production and marketing, enjoy the benefits of cooperation and to provide the region's development. Conclude that there are favorable factors such as sectoral and geographical concentration, which enable the implementation of an LPA in the county. For this it is necessary to adopt a policy of engagement and cooperation between stakeholders and actors involved in the chain, suppliers, manufacturing plants, government agencies, research institutions and technology.


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