Based on the brief account of the connotation of transforming economic development pattern and government functions, the thesis will introduce the development status of agricultural economy in Guizhou Province: firstly, single agricultural industrial structure; secondly, large gap between urban and rural development; thirdly, low-level utilization of agricultural science and technology; fourthly, fierce contradiction between agricultural mode of production and ecological environment. Then it analyzes the basic requirements for government functions in transforming the development pattern of agricultural economy in Guizhou Province: the first one is the function to guide sustainable development and the structural adjustment of agricultural production; the second is the function to coordinate urban-rural development and equally supply basic public goods; the third is the function to input science and technology to serve agriculture; the fourth one is the dominant function to promote the harmonious development of man and nature as well as to reduce the number of peasants. In order to promote the transformation of agricultural development mode and maintain the sound and rapid economic development, some corresponding measures and suggestions are proposed from the perspective of government functions: firstly, promoting the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure; secondly, the government should take the lead in providing rural public goods; thirdly, strengthening the skills training and technological education of rural labor force; fourthly, reducing the number of farmers and retaining the farmers.


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