Agricultural area in central China is a densely populated area with a lot of agricultural population, relatively developed agriculture and relatively backward non-agriculture. Its development status affects the process of rising strategy in central region, restricts the construction of a well-off society and a harmonious society in the central region and even China. Based on this, major problems in the development of agricultural area of central China are analyzed, such as large population of farmers, great development pressure on agricultural area, serious shortage of agricultural inputs, relatively low education level, backward infrastructure in agricultural area, and relatively backward non-agricultural development. In order to accelerate the rising of central area and to promote the rapid development of central agriculture, corresponding countermeasures are put forward, including increasing the financial support for the construction of agricultural areas, vigorously setting up multi-level rural education, strengthening the infrastructure construction of agricultural areas, consolidating the construction of rural organizations, reinforcing the management function of government, and increasing the research and extension of agricultural science and technology.


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