According to the objective reality in Yunnan Province, such as great difference of weather, a great proportion of minorities, and technological backwardness of agricultural production, low conversion rate of research accomplishments and a limited number of agricultural technical personnel, ASP, NET technique and SQL Server 2005 database technique are adopted. Database techniques are adopted. Database platform of county agricultural production technology in Yunnan Province is established by using B/S structure. This platform includes presentation layer, application layer, and data layer, involving regional information, technology column information, technology classification information, technology content and other database. It has six functional modules, namely information browse, system management, regional maintenance, technical section maintenance, category maintenance and technical information release, integrating crop cultivation, livestock breeding, economic forest management, plant protection, agricultural products processing, agricultural machinery use and other agricultural technical information. This platform can exchange information dynamically with the client, perform the query request from users, and send the results to users. This database platform has friendly interface, profuse information, high pertinency and so on, which offers rich and reliable information resources to farmers, agricultural technical personnel, and government. At present, this platform has been popularized in some areas of Yunnan Province and has obtained good results.


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