A total of 10 indices of regional economic development in Guangxi are selected. According to the relevant economic data, regional economic development in Guangxi City is analyzed by using System Clustering Method and Principal Component Analysis Method. Result shows that System Clustering Method and Principal Component Analysis Method have revealed similar results analysis of economic development level. Overall economic strength of Guangxi is weak and Nanning has relatively high scores of factors due to its advantage of the political, economic and cultural center. Comprehensive scores of other regions are all lower than 1, which has big gap with the development of Nanning. Overall development strategy points out that Guangxi should accelerate the construction of the Ring Northern Bay Economic Zone , create a strong logistics system having strategic significance to national development, use the unique location advantage and rely on the modern transportation system to establish a logistics and business center connecting the hinterland and the Asean Martket. Based on the problems of unbalance regional economic development in Guangxi, we should speed up the development of service industry in Nanning, construct the circular economy system of industrial city, and accelerate the industrialization process of tourism city in order to realize balanced development of regional economy in Guangxi, China


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