Based on the introduction of Hainan island and the special feature of its geographical environment, land ecological pressure, land ecological status and land ecological response are taken as the subsystems with in all 18 indices selected according to the 1999-2008 Hainan Statistical Yearbook, 1999-2008 Hainan Yearbook, 2000-2004 Hainan Ecological Construction Yearbook, as well as the principles of science, representativeness, comprehensiveness, simplicity, operability and applicability. Land ecological security assessment index system is established based on the “P-S-R” conceptual framework model. Land ecological security evaluation model is set up by using Comprehensive Evaluation Method and Analytical Hierarchy Process Theory, which can be used to evaluate and analyze the land ecological security in the years 2000-2007. According to the evaluation result, specific countermeasures and suggestions are put forward in order to promote the sustainable use of land resources and to maintain the ecological security. Result shows that land ecological security of Hainan Island is at the sensitive level (early-warning state) in the years 2000-2007 and at good level (relatively security state) in the year 2007. Land ecological security as a whole shows an increasing trend year by year. Factors restricting the level of land ecological security of Hainan Island are mainly the natural population growth rate, grain production per unit sown area, urbanization level, per capita cultivated land, reserve resources rate of land resources, gross rate of total fixed asset investment growth rate, per capita net income of rural residents and so on.


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