Calculation method of gray correlation degree and the connotation are introduced. Based on the model of gray correlation degree, relationship between agricultural industrial structure and agricultural economic development is analyzed by using four analysis methods of correlation degree and according to the relevant data in the years 2002 – 2008. The calculation results of four types of gray correlation degree are compared. Research shows that combination of the highest correlation degree with the development of agricultural economy. Meat yield production has higher correlation degree with agricultural economic development than other industries, while the correlation degree between agriculture and primary industry is the lowest. Base on this, related countermeasures are put forward in order to promote the agricultural economic development of Heilongjiang Province. Firstly, develop animal husbandry and agricultural processing industry. Secondly, promote the internal restructuring of agriculture. Thirdly, find out the industry that should be given priority in different areas according to the regional characteristics and market demand. Fourthly, improve the related industrial development system.


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