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Based on the relevant literatures, it is found out that modern agriculture is a product of agricultural development at a certain stage. On the one hand, modern agriculture develops with the improvement of economy; on the other hand, it has many realization forms. Different areas and countries can select their own realization forms according to the resource endowment. According to the index systems in the past, evaluation index system of modern agriculture in Sichuan Province is established based on the principles of controllability and adequacy. Analytical Hierarchy Process is adopted to calculate the weigh of the established index system by multi-person and multi-criteria. According to the comprehensive level of modern agriculture data in Sichuan Province in the years 1997- 2007, Comprehensive Index Method is used to calculate GM (1, 1) model in Gray Forecasting Method. Result shows that level of agricultural development is improving, but shows uneven growth in some years. in the year 2012, development level of modern agriculture reaches 0.764 2 in Sichuan Province, which is still at initial implementation stage but I s pretty close to the basic realization stage.


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