This paper considers China’s global economic situation in relation to the general process of globalisation. After discussing the general process of economic globalisation, it examines political change and transition of the former communist planned economies, especially China’s, and their impact on globalisation. Then it provides measures of the recent expansion of economic globalisation and China’s involvement in this process. Positive and negative socioeconomic impacts of globalisation are highlighted. China’s progress in catching up with more developed economies and the dynamics of its economic growth and future prospects for this growth are examined in a global context. The question is posed of whether globalisation is likely to result in unsustainable economic growth because of adverse environmental impacts generated by it. It is argued that this is so and that fears about this will eventually result in increasing global political pressure on China to curb its global environmental impacts and reduce its natural resource use as its economy becomes large. With China’s continuing economic growth, its ecological footprint will become heavier.


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