In a competitive environment, it is not enough to simply coordinate and promote the efficiency of a company’s internal activities. It is also necessary to ensure that the activities which form part of the company’s “value chain” are organized in a competitive way. From this perspective, the objective of this article is to analyze the “value chain” of poultry production and the cost of animal feed in every phase of the Seara Alimentos S.A chain. The methodology consisted of exploratory research in a case study using a predominantly qualitative approach. The results of the study are the stages of the productive cycle and the costs of the animal feed throughout the “value chain” in a poultry agribusiness. It was concluded that estimating the production’s “value chain” and the costs of animal feed, which are relevant elements in the overall cost of poultry production, favors the search for improvements in the “chain’s” global results, particularly the promotion of partnerships and cost reduction.


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