The main purpose of the investigation of the pig industry of Australia carried out by the Bureau of Agricultural Economics as to assess the probable future demand for pigmeats in both the local and overseas markets, and to determine what expansion in production could be safely encouraged. The year 1956 was considered as the base year for the estimates of outlook and all calculations are based on that date. The procedure adopted in the preparation of the report can be divided into two phases. First, a full statistical analysis of all available data was made and certain interim conclusions reached. Secondly, the interim conclusions were discussed with representatives of the industry and certain controversial assumptions considered at some length. At the time that the report was compiled, a Food Mission from the United Kingdom was visiting Australia with the object of finding ways and means of increasing Australia's over-all production of food. However, the economic outlook for the pig industry was considered without taking into account any likely changes as a result of the Food Mission's activities, and some modification of the views expressed may, therefore, become necessary when the results of the deliberations are made public.


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