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Kamut® is a registered trademark cereal (an organic crop) whose origins are much older; it has Egyptian origins and at the present time it is grown in different areas of the world (mainly in Montana and Canada), but considering the agronomic requirements of this crop, the tests in Thailand are the most reliable. Evaluation of the interest of retail distribution chains for Kamut-based products belongs to the researches regarding the evaluation of the quality food products trade. In this case, countries involved are Thailand, one of the most important producers, and Italy, one of the most important market of the EU. Qualitative analysis technique was the most appropriate tool. This survey consisted of in-depth semi-structured interviews directed at Italian large scale retails (purchasing and marketing managers). The final information were obtained through a subjective analysis of the content of the interviews' summaries, a statistical analysis of the content of the interviews and the creation of conceptual positioning maps. The awareness of the product, the communicative factor, the consumers' reactions, the specific requirements of the distribution chains and production areas are some of the most important elements that can influence the creation and the development of a international trade relationship.


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