The National Corn Growers Association Public Policy Team’s Base Revenue Projection Program (BRP) and the Revenue Countercyclical Program (RCCP) were analyzed. The analysis was done for corn using the BRP-RCCP calculator, as developed by the National Corn Growers Association. Three representative counties (Richland, Barnes and Foster) were chosen in North Dakota. Historic and projected data were used to analyze 2002 to 2010 crop years. A comparison of the BRP-RCCP programs to the current farm program was done. For 2002 to 2005, Barnes County would have received more total payments under the BRP-RCCP program than with the current farm program. The gain would have been $24.12 per acre during the four years. Richland and Foster counties would have received more payments with the current farm program than with the BRP-RCCP program. The Richland County farm would have received considerably more under the existing program - $78.03 per acre for the four-year period, or about $19.50 per acre per year. For Foster County, the advantage to the current program was only $10.05 for the four-year period.


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