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000006644 245__ $$aThe Impact of Eyeglasses on the Academic Performance of Primary School Students: Evidence from a Randomized Trial in Rural China
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000006644 490__ $$aProceedings of the 10th Joint Conference on Agriculture, Food, and the Environment, August 27-30, 2006, Duluth, Minnesota
000006644 520__ $$aAbout 10% of primary school students in developing countries have poor vision,
yet in virtually all of these countries very few children wear glasses. There has been
almost no research on the impact of poor vision on school performance in developing
countries, and simple OLS estimates are likely to be biased because students who study
more often are likely to develop poor vision faster. This paper presents results from the
first year of a randomized trial in Western China that began in the summer of 2004. The
trial involves over 19,000 students in 165 schools in two counties of Gansu province.
The schools were randomly divided (at the township level) into 103 schools that received
eyeglasses (for students in grades 3-5) and 62 schools that served as controls. The results
from the first year indicate that, after one year, provision of eyeglasses increased test
scores by 0.15 to 0.30 standard deviations (of the distribution of the test scores).
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