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This paper deals with the so-called crisis of the agricultural cooperative organizations (ACOs) with particular reference to the increasing tendencies underlying the domination of the globalization processes in the Greek agricultural sector. The agricultural cooperative movement may be periodized at least into three main periods: 1) the inter-war period, 2) the post-war period until the 1970s and 3) the post-1981 period. The latter period has meant considerable transformation of the ACOs and of their prospects. The paper focuses on this latter period, when it seems that new conditions shape the future of Greek ACOs. First there is a short account of the cooperative movement both in the inter-war, and in the first post-war period. Second, the modern crisis of the cooperative organizations is discussed in detail. Third, the changing nature of ACOs is pointed out, while some arguments are in order to describe the possible responses of ACOs to the globalization process. Finally, the concluding part includes a brief discussion of the prospects of ACOs within the new environment.


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