In our research work we have read the domestic and the international professional literature. Based on them and our research work we defined the agricultural technical improvement. The main tasks of the technical improvement of the agriculture in the future are the following: ● Application of the biotechnological achievements. ● Improvement of the environment saving technologies, assurance of the maintainable development of the agriculture, by retaining the production bases – the soil, the biological environment, and the work power of the agricultural workers. ● Adaptation of the precision plant cultivation systems. ● The universal objective of the agrarian-technical improvements is to provide technical base for the maintainable agricultural production. It requires the development of such production technologies, which protect the environment and the landscape, the soil and water reserves, ensure the quality of the product and the economy of the production. ● The development of a coherent system of the electronics, informational technique and automation, the construction of the information network of the agriculture and the transfer of the connected knowledge. The engine of the technical improvement is the continuous investment and the introduction of the new achievements of science as fast as possible. Without investments there is no technical improvement on the merits, but at the same time the investments lead to a proper technical improvement if it is based on a proper economy developing strategy, and if it is coupled with a technical developer and organizer activity. During our researches it was proved that: ● In the analysed time period, in the case of the examined sectors was a great difference between the area’s productivities. ● To measure the partial effectiveness of the production factors the Cobb–Douglas-type production function is good for the examination of the importance of the production factors in the case of a proper data base. The key of promoting the advance is the economical acceleration of the technical progress. The non-recognition of the rate or the characteristics of the technical progress, its improper explanation may lead to great losses. Due to the special importance of the rate of the technical improvement, we need to pay special attention to all circumstances and factors, which boost the technical improvement, make the approach of the world standard possible and the catch-up with its progress. Therefore, we need to take advantage of all opportunities, which are available for us due to our membership in the European Union.


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