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The economics of production and factors influencing the productivity of green peas in Punjab have been studied using the primary data from pea growers. The data have been analysed using simple tabular and functional analyses. The results have revealed that the green peas and wheat are the main crops in rabi season. It has been noticed that 75.85 per cent of the farmers purchase pea seeds from dealers. The yield of green peas has been found the highest on small farms among all the farm-size categories. The total cost incurred has been higher in large than small and medium farmers due to more use of inputs by the former. The gross and net returns have been found higher in large than small and medium farmers due to realization of higher prices by them and exploring of other markets due to their higher marketable surpluses. The functional analysis has revealed that the fertilizers, irrigation and machinery are the impact variables, influencing the productivity of green peas positively. The returns over variable costs in the case of peas have been higher by 129 per cent than those in wheat (main competing crop). It has been argued that the farmers be advised by the agricultural extension experts to adopt green pea cultivation for improving the efficiency of the farms through increased income per unit of land. Moreover, it will provide impetus to the diversification program of the state government and improve the soil health.


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