This article looks for measuring and characterizing the milk’s agribusiness of Rio Grande do Sul economy. The methodology used indicators of sectorial performance and indexes of autonomy of purchases and sales to define the measure of the milk’s agribusiness. The data were extracted of the matrix input-output available by the Economy and Statistics Foundation (FEE) of the Rio Grande do Sul for the year 1998. It was verified that the state milk’s agribusiness answers, to basic price, for 6,77% of state’s agribusiness; it is strongly linked to the urban section in a direct way and it uses 118.603 workers, which employees 5,07% and 2,42% of the workers of the state’s agribusiness and state’s economy, respectively. Thus, it was concluded that the state milk’s agribusiness is constituted in an important component of the state’s agribusiness and the strong linkages that it presents are fundamental for the economic development of the state.


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