The article had as objective to evaluate the evolution of the productive structure and identify the key sectors of Parana in the years of 1980, 1985, 1990 and 1995, highlighting the food processing sectors, using estimated input-output matrices. The results showed that the sectors of the transformation industry linked to the food processing sectors lost relative importance in the Parana economy, as much for the linkages with to the other sectors, as for the generation of production value and added value. This loss was more stressed in the more traditional food processing sectors, as Coffee Industry and Vegetal Products, instead of in most modern, as Meat Products, Dairy Products, Sugar Products and Vegetal Oil. Moreover, the production and the income had answered little to the impacts in the final demand in the food processing sectors throughout the analyzed period. Another trend that could be delineated was the change in the productive structure of the State, that became more diversified and complex, in direction of some sectors of the branch services and others emergent ones of the transformation industry, as metallurgy, mechanics and transport equipment.


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