O impacto das políticas estratégicas de comércio exterior no mercado internacional de produtos agrícolas

International market for some agricultural commodities can be characterized by oligopoly, in which participants behave in a non cooperative manner, provoking marketing disputes. According to this scenario, strategic trade policies have been utilized to as an instrument of market share contents by international market members. Hence, when a country adopts some strategic trade policy, impacts of such policy are felt by other market participants. A subsidy granted by an exporting country, for instance, may result on a raise in exports; whereas taxing production of exports may work as a deterrent to shipments to the international market.

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The impact of strategic policies of foreign trade in the international market of agricultural products
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Journal Article
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Revista de Economia e Agronegócio / Brazilian Review of Economics and Agribusiness, Volume 04, Number 2
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