The study objectifies, by means of a group of indicators, to evaluate the competitiveness of the Brazilian sugar in the international trade. The indicator market-share evidenced its significant importance, considering that Brazil was responsible for 40,61% of the sugar commercialized in the international market in 2005. About the competitiveness front to other countries and other products, the indicator relative advantage in the export also discloses the advantage competitive of the Brazilian sugar. As for participation of the sugar in the total of the Brazilian exportations, the growth is substantial, having increased its representation in 95% in the analyzed period. The participation of the commercial balance of the sugar in the GIP Brazilian agricultural also was increasing in the analyzed period, considering that in 1994 the sugar represented less than 1% of the GIP agricultural and arrived to represent 3.53%, in 2002. These data ratify the importance of the Brazilian sugar in the generation of income and detach its increasing competitive advantage before the too much producing and exporting countries.


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