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000055161 245__ $$aPreparation of an Inventory of Research Work Undertaken in Agricultural/Rural Sector in Kenya
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000055161 520__ $$aThe objective of this study is therefore to take stock or review the existing body of knowledge, distill the main policy issues and findings, and to identify the analytical gaps. The findings and lessons from research will feed into the ongoing debates and policy formulation, and the identified knowledge gaps will help formulate the immediate and long term agricultural policy research agenda. The World Bank will use the results from this inventory to formulate its economic and sector work (ESW) in the rural sector to underpin its policy dialogue and lending program in Kenya. The inventory and the identified gaps will also assist the government in identifying policy research areas to support the implementation of the SRA. The inventory shall have a broad audience among the stakeholders and the donor community active in the sector. The inventory will be posted on a regularly up-dated web site for wider access.
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