This study examines the demand for beef, mutton/goat, pork and chicken in Kenya for the period 1961 to 1991. A log linear function was used to estimate direct, cross and income elasticities. The analysis reveals that the demand for beef and mutton/goat is elastic while the demand for pork and chicken is inelastic. The results of further analyses indicate that mutton/goat is a substitute to beef while pork and chicken are complements to it. In the mutton/goat equation, beef is a substitute to mutton/goat while pork and chicken are complements to it. Both the beef and the mutton/goat equations indicated an income elasticity of more than one. High income elasticities for these two types of meat perhaps indicate that if improvements can be made in both production and marketing, more of these meat types would be consumed at every increase in income. In both the pork and chicken equations, beef and mutton/goat are found to be complements of these meat types. Pork and chicken are substitutes to each other.


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