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Concept of rural elite in China is introduced. And rural elites are classified into governing elite, economic elite, social elite and cultural elite with phenomenon of overlapping among the four types. Definitions of science nationalization and elite politicalization are introduced. Based on the review of previous research results, meaning of elite nationalization is defined: the state guides elites to join in its operation by means of controlling the elites’ occupation, promoting their status, improving their warfare, assimilating their thought and so on, so that elites may serve the political objectives of the state. Predicaments of rural elites are analyzed. Firstly, some rural governing elites and economic elites are high combined, or they use each other to exchange power and money. Secondly, the state pays little attention to the nationalization degree of rural social elite and cultural elite. Thirdly, the rights of economic elites in rural areas are illegally deprived by governing elites when doing business. Based on this, this paper points out that elite nationalization in rural areas is the inevitable choice of promoting rural economic and social development. Concrete models of elite nationalization in rural areas are discussed. Firstly, give certain political status to rural economic elite and strengthen the way of guidance. Secondly, improve the economic income and strengthen the supervision and education on rural governing elite. Thirdly, give certain political status to rural social elite and improve their ability to become rich. Fourthly, improve the economic income and political status of rural cultural elite and offer them opportunities for upward mobility.


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